Welcome to the Kollel of Greater Boston

From its beginning in 1989, the Boston Kollel has focused on two goals -- to develop rabbinic scholars who are also well-qualified to serve as effective leaders and educators in the Jewish community, and, to provide the community with opportunities for Torah study.

To achieve these two objectives, the Kollel has operated on two parallel, complementary levels. It is a place of Jewish learning, where a small group of carefully selected, already fully-trained, rabbis continue their studies as Kollel Fellows. At the same time, these Fellows take time off from their studies to conduct classes, answer questions, and provide one-on-one learning opportunities (chavrusa) that bring their knowledge of Torah and Jewish law to bear on communal issues and personal concerns. Read More

Moe Levine Norfolk, VA
Came to the Kollel on a trip and was so impressed, am actually planning on moving here in the next 6 Months.


As a Baal Teshuva who works in the secular world, I feel a constant pull away from Yiddishkeit. Through the shiurim, chavrusa learning, and socializing I partake in at the Kollel, I am able to resist this pull in a manner that would be far more difficult without the Boston Kollel. Thank you Kollel Rebbeim and staff.

Dr. Michael Schonberg - MD